Accounting Club

Accounting Club at Caldwell University Club Fair

           The Accounting Club provides opportunities for its members to explore the career options available during and after graduating. The club invites speakers on campus to learn about work life in different careers and helps students learn about requirements for the CPA exam. The Accounting Club involves itself on campus in collaboration with other clubs for a variety of events.

President: Anthony Guarisco, aguarisco@caldwell.edu

Advisor: Ann Marie Callahan, amcallah@caldwell.edu 

Anime Club

President: Megan Musz, mmusz@caldwell.edu


Art Club

To bring more art around campus and make awareness.

President: Boned Figueroa, bfigueroa@caldwell.edu

Advisor:  Suzanne Baron


Black Students Union

Black Student Union at Caldwell University Club fair holding SGA emblem

Black Student Union at Caldwell University Club fair

The club is to have different groups and races of people unify and broaden their perspective on another race. They create an intellectual, social and cultural environment for all students that regard African American students along with African American issues and topics that are current. Students will be free to speak and vent as long as it does not offend or upset another student in an offensive way.

President: Olivia A. Barnes, obarnes@caldwell.edu

Advisor:  Andrei St. Felix

Circle K 

Circle K at Caldwell University Club fair

Our purpose is to provide and promote opportunities for community service. Circle K encourages members to develop a spirit for service for improvement of all human relationships. We hold events throughout the year to bring awareness to the club as well as opportunities to create bonds with the community that we reside in.

President: Michelle Eng, meng@caldwell.edu

Advisor: Marissa Haynes

Criminal Justice Club*

President: Kevin Fernandez, kfernandez1@caldwell.edu


Dance Club

Dance Team President Justice Baskin

Dance Team at Caldwell University Club fair

President: Justice E. Baskin, jbaskin@caldwell.edu


Emerging Professionals Organization*

The purpose of the Emerging Professionals Organization is to prepare our students for the professional world after their tenure at Caldwell, encourage member networking inside and outside of Caldwell University, and develop leadership skills and business acumen. We aim to enhance business etiquette skills and provide support for developing leadership skills and mentorship to all students. The membership of EPO is open to all students.

President: Kathryn Reilly, kreilly@caldwell.edu

Advisor: Virginia Rich, vrich@caldwell.edu, Michelle Stauss, mstauss@caldwell.edu 


Film Club

Film Club at Caldwell University Club Fair

Film Club was created to promote the appreciation of cinema, but has become more than that. Film club has become a place to make friends. We are open to everyone, and have a relaxing environment where you can come watch movies and play games. We host a zombie week every year that draw many students, as well as the annual Academy Awards Party. So come join us on a Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 in the Werner lecture hall!

President: Robert Kolesar, rkolesar@caldwell.edu

Advisor: John Yurko, jyurko@caldwell.edu 

French Club*

President: Bipin Koirala, bkoirala@caldwell.edu


Gamers Guild*

President: Natalie Woollerton, nwoollerton@caldwell.edu

Advisor: David Bohny, dbohny@caldwell.edu 

Handmade 4 Hospitals*

President: Sarah Schwindt, sschwindt@caldwell.edu


Health Professions Club

Michael James with Michelle Eng at Club fair

HPC at Caldwell University Club fair

The club specifically targets students who are interested in pursuing a career in health care. The purpose of this organization is to educate and inform our members about the responsibilities and expectation that come with a profession in the medical field.

President: Michael James, mjames@caldwell.edu

Advisor: Dr. William Velhagen

Humans Operating for Peace and Equality (HOPE)*

Humans Operating for Peace and Equality, or H.O.P.E. for short, aims to bring awareness about controversial topics and current events to the student body in a safe atmosphere. Anyone and everyone is invited to join in our meetings to discuss topics that change week by week, providing input, different perspectives, and experiences for others to listen to and learn from. During our meetings, we encourage anyone to feel comfortable speaking because we are all here to better ourselves and our surrounding environment

President: Kaitlin Rodio, krodio@caldwell.edu


Italian Club*

The Caldwell University Italian Club celebrates the culture of Italy and the Italian American culture. The purpose of this club is to educate students on the history and diversity of Italy. Italian club frequently holds meetings, collaborations, and events, and will hold opportunities for field trips in the upcoming months. Recent events include Meatball Contests, Cannoli sales, and coat and blanket drives. The club is open at all Caldwell University students.

President: Ryane DeFalco, rdefalco@caldwell.edu


International Student Organization

ISO at Caldwell University Club Fair

From left; Daniel, Bilan, Anamika, Huong, and Maulin Joshi

International Students’ Organization (ISO) is the largest student organization at Caldwell University. We help the international student body at Caldwell University to connect and adapt with the new culture and environment they come into. From the moment they become a part of the university, the students are provided with opportunities to learn about the new surrounding they are in, thus making it easier for them to bond with the native students. This organization’s main goal is to support and encourage our international students to be an active part of the Caldwell University community and help them feel at home away from their homes. In addition, ISO helps the native students to get a taste of international cultures and traditions by organizing different types of cultural events, where the students are able to experience the traditions from around the world.

President: Anamika Sharma, asharma@caldwell.edu

Advisor: Maulin Joshi, mjoshi@caldwell.edu 

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

LASO at Caldwell University Club Fair

President: Tatiana Carrillo, tcarrillo@caldwell.edu


Math Club

Math club at Caldwell University Club Fair

President: Emily Romero, eromero@caldwell.edu


Marketing Club

Marketing Club at Caldwell University Club Fair

President: Athena Nestoras, anestoras@caldwell.edu

Advisor: Tom Keen, tkeen@caldwell.edu 

Martial Arts Club

President: Melissa Pascucci, mpascucci@caldwell.edu


Music Club

Music club at Caldwell University Club Fair

In the fall 2014 the Music Educators Club hosted its annual social to welcome music students and alumni on campus. In October the group held its fourth annual talent show, Caldwell’s Got Talent. Performers for this event included dancers, singers, and instrumentalists. Alexander Technique teacher, Valerie Van Hoven, returned to our campus and gave an informative workshop to the music students. During the spring 2014 semester the NAfME chapter combined funds with the Caldwell College Student Government Association to sponsor a trip in NYC to see Mamma Mia on Broadway. The trip was a great success with positive feedback given by those who attending. In spring 2015 there will be a panel of past music education and music performance majors will be coming to talk about what they have been doing since graduating and how being a music major has helped them.

President: Angela Cirilloacirillo@caldwell.edu


Operation Smile

The Caldwell University Chapter of Operation Smile is affiliated with the international organization which works in over 60 countries to provide safe and effective cleft palate and cleft lip reconstructive surgeries for underprivileged children abroad. The purpose of our chapter is to promote leadership, awareness, raise money, and for members to volunteer themselves in school and our community. Some of the events we have had and plan to have include holding a Masquerade Ball, Coffee House, Bake Sales, Supply Drives, making Smile Bags, and writing letters for post-operation children. We highly encourage those interested in the medical field, philanthropy, and those who want to help the greater and global community to join our organization!

President: Denis Brady, dbrady@caldwell.edu

Advisor: Professor Berki

Psychology Club 

The purpose of this organization is to;

  • Make available for members the opportunity for professional development
  • Acquaint students with a wide variety of topics in the field of Psychology
  • Develop connections between students from a variety of backgrounds with a common interest in psychology
  • Provide events and activities that reflect the interest of club members while remaining within the general topic of psychology.

President: Kristy Percario, kpercario@caldwell.edu

Advisor: Dr. Sitnick and Dr. Parikh

Socio-Political Society*

President: John Graziano, jgraziano@caldwell.edu

Advisor: Dominic Maffei, dmaffei@caldwell.edu 

Step Team

Step Team Club at Caldwell University Club Fair

President: Alexa Chandler, achandler@caldwell.edu


Student Alumni Association*

Founded in 2013 The Caldwell Student Alumni Association (CSAA) is committed to spreading awareness of the importance of student philanthropy. Our vision is to become Caldwell University’s student philanthropy club by helping create and guide future as well as current campus leaders. We recognize and value the importance of staying involved as alumni and hope to strengthen bond with alumni.

President: Consuelo Cirilo, ccirilo@caldwell.edu


Students for Life*

The mission of the Caldwell University Students for Life club is to raise awareness, provide information, and create a culture of life on campus; to provide support and information to women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy so they can continue their education and not feel that they must resort to abortion; to provide information to men and women who have gone through the trauma of abortion and are in need of healing; to provide university students with information about the dignity of life and the Catholic Church’s teachings on the sanctity life of human life from conception to natural death.

President: Katlyn Hart, khart@caldwell.edu

Advisor: Colette Liddy, cliddy@caldwell.edu 

Women’s Leadership Initiative

WLI at Caldwell University Club Fair

The purpose of this organization is to provide support and resources for developing leadership and networking skills inside and outside of Caldwell University

President: Kornelia Paszcza, kpaszcza@caldwell.edu

Advisor: Professor Helen McGowah and Professor Stacey Murphy